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Data Pipelines for marketing + sales teams.


We don’t think coders are losers.

We’ve just found that writing *new* code should be a last resort.

We believe laziness is a virtue.

As a marketer, you have a million things to get done everyday.

Audits, reports, data analysis – it’s doesn’t end.

But…what if it did?

That’s where CIFL comes inWe help marketers reclaim lost time through automated data pipelines.

A data pipeline aggregates all your marketing data in one place: a Google BigQuery warehouse.  This allows you to report on it when needed – without having to wrangle data from dozens of platforms.

BigQuery Data Pipeline

The era of manually pulling data for reporting is over.

We can help break down your data workflows into a repeatable “Recipe” for BigQuery – a process that can be implemented by anyone on your team, regardless of technical background.

Recipes are composed of a unique combination of:

Here’s a few recently completed ‘Recipes’ we’ve published:

As a CIFL client, you have access to use every Recipe we’ve built  – we’re also available to build Recipes customized to your workflows.


We also share the guts behind our work – all of the Google Sheets tricks, Data Studio hacks, and BigQuery SQL patterns that we uncover in our own adventures.

If you’re just diving into CIFL, check out some of our most popular tutorials:

All of our free Google Sheets, Data Studio and BigQuery templates are available in one place, on the public
Coding is for Losers Trello Vault.

In that Vault, you’ll also find a link to our Slack group, a community over 500 strong.

See you on the other side

Look forward to helping you on your automation journey!

If you’re looking to get started with BigQuery, check out our sister app,, which allows you to fire up a BigQuery data pipeline with just a few clicks.

If you work at an agency, I also highly recommend you checkout The Blueprint Training as well. I’m a partner there, dozens of my custom tools are included in the program.

Feel free to connect with us on YouTube or Twitter (@losersHQ), or in the Slack community I mentioned earlier.

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Commissioner, CodingIsForLosers