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Let's automate your marketing + ops processes in Sheets, Data Studio and BigQuery.


At Coding is for Losers, we believe laziness is a virtue.

We all have a thousand things to get done every day.

So how can we work smarter? How can we realize the dream of automation, and actually reclaim our time?

By automating away the tedious work you’d prefer to never repeat.

I’m David Krevitt (nice to meet you)

Around here people call me the “Commissioner”, I created Coding is for Losers in 2014 to help companies reclaim lost time wrangling data.

We do so by building tools in the Google stack: Google Sheets, BigQuery and Data Studio.

google stack

Our tools can turn the most complicated technical processes into simple to follow “recipes” that anyone can follow, regardless of technical skill.

Here’s a few of my favorite recipes:

These recipes help countless organizations save time, resources and headaches.


A few ways we can collaborate

Master the fundamentals

We also share the guts behind our work – all of the Google Sheets tricks, Data Studio hacks, and BigQuery SQL patterns that we uncover in our own adventures.

If you’re just diving into CIFL, check out some of our most popular tutorials:

All of our free Google Sheets, Data Studio and BigQuery resources are available in one place, on the public Coding is for Losers Trello Vault.

In that Trello Vault, you’ll also find a link to our Slack group, a community over 500 strong.

See you on the other side

Look forward to helping you on your automation journey!

If you work at an agency, I also highly recommend you checkout The Blueprint Training as well. I’m a partner there, dozens of my custom tools are included in the program.

Feel free to connect with us on YouTube or Twitter (@losersHQ), or in the Slack community I mentioned earlier.

With love,

Commissioner, CodingIsForLosers