Building Custom Deliverables for SEO Agency

David Krevitt

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The Client

WEBRIS is an SEO agency founded by Ryan Stewart in 2015. Upon working together they had team of 10 full time staff in Miami and 12 contractors scattered across the world.

webris agency

The Problem

WEBRIS was growing month over month and year over year, by Ryan knew they had to land larger, enterprise SEO contracts to get the business to the next level.

“Competing for enterprise contracts is competitive, you need a unique position to get invited to bid. I knew we had to create something proprietary to break through”

— Ryan Stewart

Figuring out unique market positioning is a big ask, but the CIFL team was up for it.

The Solution

Ryan’s initial thought was to build auditing software that would be used for only for clients. But that route was too slow, too expensive and too risky.

Instead, we decided to take another look at their core deliverables and look for ways to improve them using data and automation.


1. Keyword research

keyword research


2. On page optimizations

on page automation


3. Analytics audits

google analytics audit

The Results

By doing less, the WEBRIS team was able to produce more.

Most importantly, the staff’s morale improved. They were no longer burdened with mindless work and could focus on high impact items that they enjoyed and the clients appreciated.

As a side note, Ryan sold WEBRIS in late 2018 mainly because of the systems and deliverables we built together.

Listen in on a conversation I had with Ryan about the work we did together.


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