SEO Reporting With Blockspring + Google Analytics

These report templates dig into the SEO prowess of your site.  Which pages and links are delivering the bulk of your results, and which are a waste of time and space?

These four reports use Blockspring to pull Google Analytics data into a Google Spreadsheet.  They’re inspired by the popular SEO report templates originally by Avinash Kaushik and Kissmetrics.

Grab these templates and more from the CIFL Vault on Trello.

Acquisition by LANDING PAGE

acquisition by landing page google analytics blockspring

This report allows you to quickly identify which landing pages on your site are doing their job: converting visitors to customers.

By looking at a few key Google Analytics metrics, you can get an end-to-end picture of content performance:

  • Which landing pages are acting as your homepage most frequently (Entrances) and how are they doing at it (Bounce Rate)?
  • Are they converting visitors into customers (Goal Conversion Rate, Goal Value)?

The action dashboard summarizes relative performance across your top 10 pages, and let’s you share results with your team.

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Acquisition by REFERRING PAGE


Remember all the time your team spent on a link building campaign or PR push?  

Make sure that time is delivering ROI by returning users (and customers) to you.  This report answers questions like:

  • What linking domains are driving the most inbound traffic (by Sessions)?
  • Do those visitors stick around and consume content, or bounce (Avg Session Duration)?
  • Do those visitors convert into customers (Goal Completions)?

Once you’ve identified key domains that are (or aren’t) driving results from the dashboard, you can drill down into the performance of specific pages on the report.


acquisition by keyword google analytics blockspring
Although Google’s https search update wiped out most keyword data in Google Analytics, you can still browse keyword data for ~5% of organic visitors.  
This reports helps you quickly identify the volume and quality of traffic across keywords, to answer questions like:

  • What keywords are driving traffic (by Sessions)?
  • Is content being consumed by visitors (Pageviews per Session)
  • Are visitors converting to customers (Goal Completions and Value per Session)?


acquisition by search engine google analytics blockspring
Although in the US we have one dominant search engine (hello there Google :), around the world there are a number of important search engines that could be driving traffic to your site.

Our favorite use of this report is to surface long-tail search engines (like Yandex or Baidu) that may be ripe opportunities for further optimization.

The action dashboard aggregates conversion data by search engine, to answer the same classic questions – where is traffic coming from, is it being consumed, and are visitors converting?

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