How to Productize Your Agency’s Services

productize your agency with automation

David Krevitt

Lover of laziness, connoisseur of lean-back capitalism. Potentially the #1 user of Google Sheets in the world.

I sat down with Ryan Stewart (marketing consultant) to talk about how we turned 3 time-consuming tasks into revenue generating products for his marketing agency.

What we cover:

  1. THE stack of choice – Why we think the Google Suite is the best tech stack to turn an agency services into a scalable product.
  2. Real life products we’ve built – Examples of Google Suite automation tools we’ve built, that have added consistent product-based revenue to our bottom lines.
  3. FREE access to a vault of example products – Done for you automation tools you can play with (for free).


4:30 – What’s possible for marketers with the Google Suite
8:29 – Tool 1 (Agency project management)
14:13 – Tool 2 (SEO monthly reporting)
19:19 – Tool 3 (Website quality audit)
22:49 – The process to build your own tool
25:44 – What’s next?

Why do we build marketing tools in the Google Suite?

🧠 (Most) already know how to use it…

There’s virtually no barrier to adoption for Sheets, Data Studio or BigQuery-based products. No need to train your staff or customers, it plugs in perfectly to your existing systems.

🤜🤛 Collaborative by default

Lean on Google’s built-in access controls to share across teams, update files in real time and easily collaborate with clients.

🔌 Integrates widely

Teams can use Google-based tools in coordination with their existing stack.

⚡Easy customization

Teams can take Google-based tools and modify them to their heart’s content.

1. Agency project management suite

Ryan’s marketing agency struggled with project management. They struggled to get existing tools to fit the specific needs of an SEO agency.

We built a custom PM suite running entirely in the Google Sheets and Drive that fit their processes perfectly.

WEBRIS ended up selling this as a stand alone solution to other agencies. To date, they’ve generated over $300,000 in sales from this one tool. Below is a promotional video they made that gives a solid overview of the final tool.

2. Monthly SEO reporting

Ryan’s team was spending 3 to 6 hours building monthly reports – for each client. When you have 40+ clients, that’s a major drain on resources.

We built a custom reporting solution in Google Data Studio that cut that time spent down to 15 minutes per report.

sample monthly seo report

3. Big digital agency auditing power

Clients are drawn to agencies that have unique capabilities and tech stacks. As a small agency, Ryan was losing pitches to larger agencies who has more resources to build technology solutions in house and offer to clients.

We built a custom audit that pulled in data from 4 sources, processed in Google BigQuery and reported in Google Sheets + Google Data Studio. Ryan was able to pitch this product and steal work from larger agencies. He cites this audit as one of the main reasons he was able to scale and sell his agency within 2 years.

website quality audit

What’s Next?

We can help your agency productize services, streamline operations and generate more revenue. Schedule a consult with us to identify roadblocks in your agency and build custom solutions to fix them. Ready to start saving time? Get in touch here.

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