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David Krevitt

Lover of laziness, connoisseur of lean-back capitalism. Potentially the #1 user of Google Sheets in the world.

We’re consistently mind-blown at what can be done with a simple Google Sheet.

Sheets lives at the center of a connected data ecosystem, so it can do pretty much anything that a full-fledged app can.

custom google sheets tools

When combined with a few friends, the Sheet becomes a powerhouse:

  1. Add-ons like Supermetrics, to pull marketing data from APIs like Google Analytics
  2. Zapier, to send data from and to your other tools
  3. Google Apps Script, for in-Sheet automations
  4. Data Studio, for sexier visualizations

By combining these tools with advanced Sheets formulas, we’ve created some awesome tools:

The opportunities are truly endless. And the CIFL team is here to help you automate your way to a more relaxed + productive workflow.

custom data studio report

Sample dashboard built to track SEO progress.


What our service entails

We realize this service is a little unorthodox, so let’s talk about what to expect when engaging us.

Step 1: Consultation to determine the best solution

We’ll work with your team through a series of consultations to review roadblocks and bottlenecks at your company. Our team will determine the best solution.

Timeframe – Week 1 of engagement


Step 2: Selection of technology stack

Our team will handle all the technical stuff. We will determine tools, data sources and APIs needed to build your solution (Sheets, Zapier, Supermetrics, etc).

Timeframe – Week 2 of engagement


Step 3: Delivery of spec doc

Before kicking off any work, we fully map out the pieces that’ll in a spec doc (that looks very similar to this one).

Timeframe – Week 2 of engagement


Step 4: First draft of tool and iterations

Depending on the complexity of the build, we will have you a first draft of the tool to review by week 3. We allot a full week of time for revisions.

Timeframe – Weeks 3 and 4 of engagement


Step 5: Completed tool

With your final sign off on the tool, it’s yours to use. Our team makes themselves available for support to ensure it’s adapted into your company’s ecosystem.

Timeframe – Week 5 of engagement


custom google app script

Example spec doc you will receive before the build begins.


How we price custom Sheets templates

Since we know up front exactly what pieces will come together for your workflow, we can quote you a flat rate for the build up-front.

Templates in Sheets and Data Studio are priced based on a point system.

A typical template, that combines a few data sources in Google Sheets + visualizes it in a Data Studio report, will run from $3-6k.

More complex automation workflows (like Project Management), that involve a lot of custom scripting / passing data between Sheets + tools, will be a bit more expensive.


Let’s dive in

To see if our services are a good fit for your team, please book a time to connect here.

The more info you can provide up-front, in terms of what your team needs out of an end template, the better we’re able to point you in the right direction up front.

Look forward to connecting!

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