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What should we expect in terms of pricing?

Pricing scales with complexity + time investment, but rough ballparks to expect are: 1. Custom Sheets + Data Studio templates: $2k - $10k flat project fee 2. Custom BigQuery data pipelines: $4k - $10k per month for 3+ months (agencies often retain us to fully manage these long-term)\ 3. BigQuery recipes: $30-$100 per site per recipe

How long do implementations take?

Implementation timelines vary by service, but the rough breakdown is as follows: 1. Custom Sheets + Data Studio templates: 1 month start to finish 2. Custom BigQuery data pipelines: 1 month to an 'early win' pipeline, 3-6 months to fully bake 3. BigQuery recipes: 5 days (that's right!)

Who does CIFL generally work with?

Our clients are primarily digital marketing agencies and their clients, with some individual enterprises / marketers / executives sprinkled in.