Custom Google Sheets + Data Studio Templates

Custom Google Sheets + Data Studio Templates

We’re consistently mind-blown at what can be done with a simple Google Sheet.

Because Sheets lives at the center of a connected data ecosystem, it can do pretty much anything that a full-fledged app can do (albeit at a small-medium scale).


When combined with a few friends, the humble Sheet becomes a powerhouse:

  1. Add-ons like Supermetrics, to pull marketing data from APIs like Google Analytics
  2. Zapier, to send data from and to your other tools
  3. Google Apps Script, for in-Sheet automations
  4. Data Studio, for sexier visualizations

By combining these tools and a handful of our favorite Sheets formulas, we’ve published widely used free templates for workflows like:

You can find these templates and more from the Recipes section above, or in our public Trello Vault of Sheets templates.

The opportunities are truly endless. And the CIFL team is here to help you automate your way to a more relaxed + productive workflow.


How we build Sheets templates

We start by translating what your team needs into the realm of the possible:

  1. What tools can we use to get the job done (Sheets, Data Studio, Zapier, Supermetrics, etc)
  2. How would we string those tools + Sheets formulas + Apps Scripts together to get the job done?

Before kicking off any work, we fully map out the pieces that’ll be put together to build your template (in a spec that looks very similar to this one).


How we price custom templates

Since we know up front exactly what pieces will come together for your workflow, we can quote you a flat rate for the build up-front.

Templates in Sheets and Data Studio are priced based on a point system.

Each API connection, view (query) of that raw data, or unique report is considered 1 point. Each point adds $300 to the cost of the template.

A typical template, that combines a few data sources in Google Sheets + visualizes it in a Data Studio report, will run from $3-5k.

More complex automation workflows (like Project Management), that involve a lot of custom scripting / passing data between Sheets + tools, will be a bit more expensive.


Let’s dive in

To see if our services are a good fit for your team, please book a time to connect here.

The more info you can provide up-front, in terms of what your team needs out of an end template, the better we’re able to point you in the right direction up front.

Look forward to connecting!

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