Learning BigQuery SQL

Tutorials (cheat sheet included) using the Google Analytics sample dataset to walkthrough BigQuery SQL concepts like grouping, joining and unnesting.

Stitch vs Supermetrics for BigQuery

Reviewing the best ETL tools on the market for building marketing data pipelines in BigQuery.

SEO APIs and You

Reviewing all the best SEO APIs out there: Google Search Console, Majestic, Moz and SEMrush. Includes a starter Google Sheets template to get up and running.

Getting Started with Google Data Studio

Diving into Data Studio: connecting a Google Sheets as a data source, building tables and charts, and styling them with themes.

The Agency Data Pipeline

How we build automated data pipelines at CIFL, using the Google Cloud stack of BigQuery, Sheets and Data Studio.

Connecting Sheets and BigQuery

A bridge connecting Google Sheets to a BigQuery analytics warehouse. Automates creation of BQ views, tables, and uploading of data.

Blockspring vs Supermetrics

Reviewing the pros and cons of two powerful Google Sheets reporting automation Add-ons, Blockspring and Supermetrics.