Acquisition Efficiency Reporting With Blockspring + Google Analytics

Inspired by the popular reports by Avinash Kaushik, these Google Sheets templates (using Blockspring to pull Google Analytics data) dig into the overall acquisition efficiency of your site.  Which channels are working for you, and which aren’t?

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Acquisition by Channel

Allows you to quickly identify high and low-performing acquisition channels. This report aggregates key metrics across each Source / Medium in GA, to answer questions like:

  • What channels are driving the bulk of your traffic (Sessions)?
  • Are any of those channels driving more / less new traffic (Percent New Sessions)?
  • Which of these channels are driving results (Goal Completions / Value per Session)?

The action dashboard summarizes relative performance across your top 10 channels, and let’s you get a quick feel for channel performance.

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Acquisition by Page

Allows you to single out pages that are efficiently or inefficiently converting visitors into customers, answering questions like:

  • How often does a page act as home page (Entrances), and how good of a job is it doing (Bounces)?
  • Is certain content being consumed more or less (Time on Page)?
  • How much value is created by this content (Value per Session)?  

We’ve noticed that most sites really do follow the 80/20 rule and get the bulk of their results from a handful of pages – don’t be surprised if you see some red on the action dashboard for this report.

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